Lent4During Lent there's no escaping from sin. Sin is the stuff of Lent. Lent is the time to face up to our failures, our greed and our selfishness. During Lent we have to accept that sin is part of the way we live. There is no other starting point for Lent.

When we begin to see and accept the face of sin in our lives then we begin to have the choice of turning away from it. Lent can help us to recognise where sin comes from the damage that it does and the pathway away from it.

Keeping Lent faithfully can be tough going. This this is the pathway of life. This is the pathway sketched out by the Holy Spirit, the 'teacher of the interior life.'

Lord, today we come before you as sinners.
Only slowly do we admit our faults.
Only gradually do we bring them into the light.
Lord, give us a bright sorrow for sin
And save us from guilt.
Give us such confidence in your mercy
That we can bring our sins to you.
Only then, Lord
Do you have a chance of healing us and raising us up
Which is all you ever want.


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