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Aiming High, Achieving Excellence!

pasbortThis will be our drive after October half term. We have refreshed our 'Rewards' strategy within the school to further enhance a praise and celebration culture.
This will be launched after half term where all students will be familiar with the new scheme. We want to entice students to attain as many house merits as they can and have the opportunity to win prizes – certificates, raffle tickets, jump the queue dinner passes, vouchers, special prizes etc. House merits will be
given for 100% attendance, excellent effort, excellent classwork, excellent homework, courteous to others etc.

This rejuvenated 'Rewards' system will help motivate all students. We are asking if any parents would like to make any monetary donations in order to support the special prizes. If we are fortunate to receive donations we will ensure that acknowledgement will be provided via our school website and our annual school

For further detail or queries please contact Mrs Medina, Deputy Head.


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