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With food issues and health being so frequently in the public eye, it is often very confusing for children when they are bombarded with so many messages. Here at Cardinal Newman School, we believe that it is very important that pupils receive the right food education to enable them to make informed choices and put them to practise.

By giving children the skills to cook, they can be prepared for a lifelong understanding of the importance of a balanced diet and its impact on healthy family life. Currently there are 65 pupils who have opted to follow Food and Nutrition GCSE course at GCSE. At KS3 the pupils follow one unit of Food Technology in Yr8 and Yr9, where they experience a hands on approach to learning about Food Safety, Healthy Eating and Practical Cooking Skills, developing the life skills we all need. In terms of career opportunities the pathways are endless, from health related professions and applied sciences to food hospitality and production, the industry is crying out for quality individuals.

Whereas in many schools Food Education has virtually disappeared from the curriculum, it is pleasing to say that it has remained a key part of the curriculum here at Cardinal Newman School. Please support us by encouraging your children to learn about food and its social importance. They may even prepare you a healthy feast for a change!


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